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The Sustainable Art Practices Handbook

The E-ART Sustainable Art Practices Handbook collects 30 outstanding examples and case studies of artists, institutions and citizen initiatives showcasing innovative sustainable practices in the field of art and culture in the European Union. The Handbook was created for the E-ART project in order to map the needs and best practices for sustainable art on national and EU levels.

The Handbook focuses on key artistic areas such as public art, street art and art festivals, art labs, cooperatives and networks, material repositories and libraries, and last but not least independent artists and artist businesses. 

The innovations include new eco-friendly materials, material use and re-using methods, local and international collaborations for addressing environmental problems at different levels, and methods for easier access to information and implementation of sustainable practices. 

The main challenges to the further spread of sustainable artistic practices include difficulty in funding and achieving economic viability, lack of institutional support and public interest in long-term viability, and a need for greater understanding about being eco-friendly in the artistic community.